Woolacombe Sands Holiday Park are ready for a busy 2011

Woolacombe Sands already offer a lot of facilities to their customers and were looking at also providing WiFi as well at a small additional cost to the customer. It was critical that the system would be reliable and provide WiFi coverage to over 100 static caravans across the park with scope to expand coverage to the camping fields in the near future. WiFi SPARK were chosen as they proved that they had the experience and the portfolio to get the job done professionally.

The Solution

The solution consists of a  SPARK Gateway which offers all our usual features including content filtering, usage statistics, bandwidth control and a Woolacombe branded welcome page where users pay for time securely using a credit card or browse the useful free links.

Four directional external access points with integrated antennas have also been installed to ensure  good coverage to the static homes.

As with all our customers, Woolacombe will benefit from our 24/7 support service so in the event that a customer is unable to gain access to the internet, one of our support staff will be able to remotely talk them through using the system.

All our hardware is monitored remotely for 365 days of the year. So in the unlikely event that there is a problem, we can troubleshoot the issue before the customer even knows. 


Customers connect with their wireless device such as a laptop to the wireless network “Woolacombe Sands HotSpot”.They then launch their browser which will redirect them to the customised SPARK welcome page.  From this page, they are able to visit a number of free sites, buy time using a credit card or log in if they are an existing user. The process is very easy but we also provide a 24/7 helpdesk in the event that the customer requires any assistance. This type of process ensures that Woolacombe Sands staff do not need to provide any help with the system.


The WiFi Solution not only provides a useful service for Woolacombe’s customers but also an extra source of revenue for the park with minimum outlay.

Click here to download the Woolacombe Sands mini case study