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WiFi SPARK in Healthcare

With a SPARK® solution, all aspects of a WiFi implementation are addressed from one provider. From the initial site survey, to installation, network configuration and management, right through to active content filtering, 24/7 support and network analytics, WiFi SPARK offers more than just WiFi from a GDPR and RIPA compliant solution.

Satisfy the requirements of the NHS Digital WiFi Policies and Guidance.

Compliant with NHS Digital policies and guidance
Multi SSID capability for corporate, guest and patient access
Enterprise-class, high-quality equipment
Fully managed service
IWF and Friendly WiFi compliant filtering
GDPR and RIPA compliant
Secure and reliable network
24/7/365 Support and monitoring
Data and analytics


  • Provide secure access to NHS WiFi with WPA2 Enterprise/WPA2-802.1x as a minimum, with corporate account based email validation, to ensure that only NHS emails are granted access. With bandwidth management and enterprise level encryption, the corporate network is secure to carry sensitive patient information.

    Remove password management complication with certificate based authentication allowing a seamless and fast connection.


  • Enable NHS staff to access the Internet via WPA2-Enterprise and ensure data is verified through a simple email validation process.
    Pre-registered and validated users are seamlessly connected with no need for authentication again. Mainly for clinical staff members using devices that don’t meet corporate security specifications.
    Content is filtered less restrictively than patient access, with different speed allowances based on email address and other demographics.


  • Allow patients to check in to their appointments, use maps or wayfinding, participate in surveys or feedback forms, play games, listen to radio, order meals and donate to the Trust’s charity, all through the User Experience Portal. Filtering will be set appropriately and users will check a box to accept the AUP before being granted Internet access and be taken to the NHS WiFi landing page. Additional pay-to-use authentication can be enabled for higher bandwidth and streaming services.

The User Experience

The User Experience Portal adheres to NHS Digital Guidelines and is easy and intuitive with engaging content. Important messaging, promoted services, health and local surgery information can be shown to ensure that the user has everything they need at their fingertips.

SPARK® Analytics

As part of the managed solution, SPARK® Analytics is available to display network usage via an online dashboard. Reports are available on request, or scheduled daily, weekly or monthly for each network.

Number of new registrations
Number of unique users
Number of sessions
Bandwidth downloaded/uploaded
Session time
Device type
Browser type

Analytics Brochure

WiFi SPARK in Healthcare

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