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Guest WiFi is about more than just providing Internet access, it is an opportunity for your visitors to engage with your brand.

The needs of guests are always evolving. Requirements for service are become more demanding and the basic services consist of many fundamental elements. Wireless Internet has fast become a necessity as guests need to stay in touch with the office, loved ones and social networking.

There are some interesting statistics in the market relating to WiFi. Over 70% of iPads sold are WiFi only (no 3G Data capability). Internet access is seen as one of the main selection criteria on websites like and studies show that the average number of devices per business traveller is now 2.7!

So WiFi is a must have, and it must be reliable and able to cope with the increasing demands of guests. In addition to the guests, many venues need to offer conference WiFi or special Internet access packages to suit their environment.

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Some of our User Experiences...

WiFi SPARK provides endless authentication options through its SPARK platform. Here are just a few examples of the options we offer

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Key Features

Content Filtering

The filter level is up to the venue to decide. We will deal with all unblock requests and updates as part of WiFi SPARK's fully managed service.

Bandwidth Management

SPARK's highly sophisticated bandwidth control module can control each user or device ensuring that your clients get the bandwidth necessary..

Branded User Experience

To compliment your brand, we will design a responsive User Experience that each of your guests will see when connecting to the service.

Analytics and Reports

The data that you collect through the SPARK system about your visitors is yours. You can use the data intelligently to benefit both your business and also keep your clients up to date with tailored messaging and information.


WiFi SPARK's solution is fully compliant giving you complete peace of mind and collects all the necessary data in line with European legislation.

Extensive authentication options

SPARK provides the most extensive list of authentication options including Pay-to-use, free to use, Social Media login and MAC authentication

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