Transportation WiFi

From train stations to airports

Enhance the end user experience and increase your passengers’ brand awareness by incorporating the SPARK® Platform into the network

WiFi SPARK has developed an industry leading managed WiFi solution to enable train operating companies to offer premium connectivity to their passengers from station to train, and train to station, in the most cost effective way, with only one authentication required.

WiFi SPARK station WiFi works with the train WiFi provider to enable passengers to connect to the internet from the beginning of their journey to the end, without them having to log in multiple times. When the passenger has logged in once, the innovative WiFi SPARK technology will recognise their device and allow them online automatically when they return to the station, day after day, with a personalised ‘Welcome back’ message.

What you get with the SPARK® Platform:

  • PREMIUM CONNECTIVITY: WiFi SPARK uses Fibre cable wherever possible and state of the art hardware to ensure the highest quality connectivity for passengers.
  • DATA COLLECTION: Passengers can be authenticated via email to ensure high quality of data collected for future CRM.
  • SECURE: WiFi networks for the Public, and Corporate are kept separate.
  • ROAMING: WiFi automatically switches from station to train or train to station for the passengers without needing to authenticate again. (Patent Pending: UK Patent Application Number GB1619398.9)
  • COST EFFICIENT: Station offload means that as the train nears the station, the train connectivity is offloaded onto the station WiFi ensuring they have the best connection available and cost savings are made for the train operating company.
  • ANALYTICS: Rich data presented in an easy to use dashboard- advanced passenger demographics, passenger journeys, dwell time, client count, how far passengers are travelling to the station, languages used and more.
  • ACTIVE PASSENGER ENGAGEMENT: Fully branded and customisable portals enable the train operating company to communicate directly with passengers.
  • COMPLIANT & FILTERED: Fully compliant to legal requirements and filtered IWF compliant Internet access.
  • FULLY MANAGED SERVICE: 24/7 support and monitoring by WiFi SPARK engineers.
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Innovative opportunities to drive strong ROI via direct marketing, banner adverts and sponsorship.

And so much more!


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Some of our User Experiences...

WiFi SPARK provides endless authentication options through its SPARK platform. Here are just a few examples of the options we offer

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Key Features

Content Filtering

The filter level is up to the venue to decide. We will deal with all unblock requests and updates as part of WiFi SPARK's fully managed service.

Bandwidth Management

SPARK's highly sophisticated bandwidth control module can control each user or device ensuring that your clients get the bandwidth necessary..

Branded User Experience

To compliment your brand, we will design a responsive User Experience that each of your guests will see when connecting to the service.

Analytics and Reports

The data that you collect through the SPARK system about your visitors is yours. You can use the data intelligently to benefit both your business and also keep your clients up to date with tailored messaging and information.


WiFi SPARK's solution is fully compliant giving you complete peace of mind and collects all the necessary data in line with European legislation.

Extensive authentication options

SPARK provides the most extensive list of authentication options including Pay-to-use, free to use, Social Media login and MAC authentication