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Cyber Security 101: How to Safeguard Your Online Presence

It's a crucial reminder that the internet, while a vast resource for information and communication, is not always a safe place.

5 minute read | 26/03/2024

Cyber Security 101: How to Safeguard Your Online Presence

How to Stay Safe on the Internet

The age-old saying, "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is," has previously served as a reasonable defence against cybercriminals. However, these criminals are becoming increasingly cunning. They are now adept at impersonating legitimate companies and banks, tricking unsuspecting individuals into falling for their schemes. It is essential to pause and carefully consider before clicking on any links in unknown emails, even if they appear to come from your workplace. Vigilance is key, as you can never be too cautious.

SPARK TSL provide WiFi connectivity for businesses through SPARK® Connect. We have recently developed an upgrade option called SPARK® Secure in light of the need for increased security. This add-on provides defences against cyber-attacks.


Download the SPARK Secure Handout

It's important to stay vigilant even if you think you're being cautious. If something sounds too good to be true or if you have the slightest suspicion, it's always a good idea to double check and seek advice.

Take a moment to carefully examine the URL. Is the company name spelled correctly? Are there any unusual capitalisations? Another helpful tip is to hover over the link before clicking on it to view the full URL. Many hackers use short-form URLs to hide the true destination, but the longer form of the URL can often reveal if it's a malicious site.

Stay ahead of the game by enrolling in online courses that teach you the best practices for staying safe on the internet.

At SPARK® TSL, our employees undergo monthly training through KnowBe4, where we cover various aspects of online security. With the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, it's crucial to have a regular reminder to prioritise your online safety. After all, it's easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

How to Protect Your WiFi

Even if you think your WiFi password is secure, it's important to remember that your home network may still be vulnerable. Unwanted pages can still load, viruses can target your devices, and hackers can find ways to breach your security.

While this extra layer of protection may come at an additional cost, upgrading your WiFi service can provide you with the peace of mind you need to protect yourself against cyber-attacks.

However, when you're out and about using public WiFi in cafes or retail parks, the level of security you have access to can vary depending on the establishment and the WiFi provider they use. Luckily for our customers, SPARK® TSL has their backs. 


SPARK® TSL WiFi Solutions

We understand the importance of security and how people easily get caught outBIC Phone Mock Up 3
and scammed. That’s why our WiFi service (SPARK® Connect) comes with two
levels of content filtering. The first is our robust Domain Name System (DNS) content filtering which is designed to safeguard end-users from the ever-evolving threats of known, suspicious, or compromised websites and endpoints.

The second is through Friendly WiFi. Together, they block 99.9% of harmful content to safeguard your online experience when on public WiFi. SPARK® Connect is also government compliant, hosting safe certifications for public WiFi that include ISO27001 and ISO9001 accreditation.

Your home WiFi, for example, could have content filtering switched on to protect those under 18 from accessing inappropriate content, but it wouldn’t protect against landing on malicious sites. This is not dissimilar to the SPARK® Connect content filtering.

In addition to content filtering our SPARK® Gateway is a stateful Firewall with rules in place to protect it from external threats. Inbound access is locked down to known SPARK® Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to prevent any unauthorised access. These baseline features make it harder for cyber criminals to access your personal data and protect you from malicious sites. But even with these security measures in place, it still won’t be enough to stop the smartest hackers.


Elevate Your Online Safety with Next-Gen Protection

Introducing SPARK® Secure, our cutting-edge security solution designed to safeguard your online presence. We've developed this additional service to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, providing you with advanced network security through state-of-the-art Next Generation Anti-Virus protection.

With SPARK® Secure, your gateways will remain impervious to tampering, ensuring your utmost protection. We continuously monitor emerging threats and keep our system updated to combat them effectively.

Our advanced security measures are specifically tailored to outsmart even the most sophisticated cybercriminals, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind while your users connect to your WiFi. Rest assured knowing that your online safety is our top priority.

Download the Handout



Empower Your Digital Security Knowledge

In an era of escalating cyber threats, your online safety should be a top priority. 

At SPARK® TSL, we are committed to providing secure, reliable services and empowering our customers with the tools and knowledge needed to stay safe in the digital world. Remember, hackers are getting smarter, but with the right security measures and the knowledge to protect yourself, you can stay one step ahead.

Protect your online world with SPARK® Secure and enquire today to learn more about how we can help you stay secure in the digital age.

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