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Connect With Your Customers

Staying connected has become a necessity for people. Whether for personal or professional use, a reliable internet connection has become the backbone of our day-to-day lives.

Providing customers with a seamless WiFi experience has become crucial in customer service. A fast and secure WiFi connection can improve customer satisfaction, boost engagement and even attract new customers.

The latest Mercury Marina and Port Hamble Marina installs have gone brilliantly – the sites were impressed, and the customers and staff are delighted with the result!

Chris Coultard,

Technical Specialist at MDL Marinas Limited


Bridge the digital gap between customers with SPARK® Connect

Already have your own access points and infrastructure?  SPARK® TSL can overlay our guest WiFi and engagement solution, SPARK® Connect,  to existing infrastructure. We are vendor agnostic and can work with you  to enhance both the user experience, analytics and guest WiFi service.


SPARK® Connect Deployment Options

New Install

If you don't have any existing WiFi solutions in place already, we can work with you to install a new connectivity line and associated hardware to provide your customers a WiFi solution.

We will help survey, design, project plan and install your new service and support it 24/7/365. And we'll keep you updated at every step of the way. 


Connect directly to SPARK® Cloud using your wireless infrastructure and benefit from SPARK® Connect’s unique feature set including its User Experience, Engagement and Analytics. There’s no requirement for additional hardware it’s super easy to configure. 

SPARK® Bridge supports a range of wireless brands including Cisco Meraki, Extreme Networks and Ruckus. SPARK® TSL will provide you with a simple-to-follow guide to set up an SSID to support our solution . We will then take care of the rest.

Want to know more? Our SPARK® Bridge Extreme blog includes everything you need to know. Read it below.

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The most popular solution for large venues including healthcare, conference centres and stadiums. The highly scalable SPARK® Gateway is the brains of the network and is responsible for providing DHCP to the end user’s device, redirecting to the SPARK® Cloud UX and managing the end user’s session. 

Keep end users’ devices safe with its advanced firewall and DNS-based content filtering. Key gateway services are monitored remotely by SPARK®’s Cloud Network Monitoring System (NMS) 24/7 to ensure it is running at its optimum level.

SPARK® Gateway is available as a physical machine or integrated into your existing VM environment, the gateway is fully agnostic to work with any wireless access points and controllers. 

SPARK® Connect Key Features




SPARK® TSL will design the User Experience to meet your exact requirements and branding. We design with your users in mind to give them the best customer experience and strengthen your branding and customer loyalty.



Observe and extract data from analytics to gain deeper insights into how your users behave. Analytics provides information on location, date range selection, portal activity, marketing preferences, device type and length of dwell time.  SPARK® TSL has a data feed to facilitate pushing the data to external sources or even integrate with many CRMs or Loyalty Databases, further improving ROI. 



SPARK® CMS provides you with the control to update the banners on the User Experience within your guest WiFi login screen, with your latest campaigns and promotions ensuring that you are providing up-to-date messaging to your end users.

We’ve got you covered

Can’t see your sector on the list? We can still help!

SPARK a conversation with our sales team today about what we can offer your business. 

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Connect millions of shoppers with WiFi as they shop, eat and drink

Enhance customer experience, engage with customers, gather valuable data with SPARK® Connect and provide more for your customers. 

With SPARK® Connect, you get more than digital connectivity — you get the ability to interact on a personal level with shoppers and get to know what makes them tick.

Unlock the potential of your customer and visitor WiFi offering. Access real-time data on the visitors in your venue as they shop, so you can learn how to best serve them.

Watch our video to learn more.

Improving Shopper Loyalty with WiFi


Fully managed service

24/7 support and monitoring for end users by SPARK® TSL engineers. We’ll ensure issues are resolved quickly.


Return on investment

Free WiFi encourages shoppers to stay for longer. The more time they spend with you, the more likely they are to purchase.


Branded pages 

Raise awareness for your business with branded splash pages. Include promotional messaging and drive sales.


Analytics tool

Join the mission to digitise meal ordering services to help Trusts save up to £262,900 annually electronic meal ordering

Digital Friendly WiFi Approved

Friendly WiFi

We design and install networks with the ‘Friendly WiFi’ certification, suitable for anyone to use and enjoy.

Start making the most of your customer WiFi

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The journey is more important than the destination

SPARK® TSL has developed a premium WiFi solution to enable transport operating companies to offer seamless high-speed connectivity to their passengers as they travel.

  • Continuously Connected Passenger Journey*
  • Passenger analytics
  • Mobile data offload
  • Exceptional support 24/7/365
  • Safe, secure and compliant

*UK Patent 2556060

SPARK® Connect helps businesses collate data on groups of people and their travelling habits. Understand more about your passengers, how far and often they travel, and engage with timely content.

Watch our video to learn more about our transport WiFi capabilities.

Transport WiFi Capabilities


Data collection

Passengers can be authenticated via email to ensure the collection of high-quality data for your CRM.


Compliant and filtered

Fully compliant with legal requirements, filtered with IWF-compliant filtering categories and ‘Friendly WiFi Scheme’ approved.


Fully managed service

24/7 helpdesk support and monitoring for end users by SPARK® TSL engineers.


Premium connectivity 

SPARK® TSL uses the best connectivity wherever possible and state of the art hardware to ensure the highest quality connectivity for passengers.


Active passenger engagement

Central, fully branded and customisable User Experience Portal to enable the operating company to communicate directly with passengers across all transportation methods.



WiFi networks for the public and staff remain separated.


Cost efficient

Data offload means that, as the train or bus nears the station, the connectivity is offloaded onto the station WiFi, ensuring users have the best connection available and cost savings are made for the operating company.


Analytics tool

Rich data presented in an easy-to-use dashboard showing advanced passenger demographics, passenger journeys, dwell time, client count, how far passengers are travelling, the languages used and more.

All aboard for enhancing passenger engagement

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Share the experience

Take control of the free visitor WiFi your venue offers and monetise the offering. Turn user logins into rich data and use WiFi analytics to your advantage.

Direct traffic and resources to streamline the visitor experience at your venue.

SPARK® Connect insights allows you to better understand your visitors’ needs and offer marketing that improves the revenue streams at your venue.

Learn more about the benefits of SPARK WiFi by watching our video. 

SPARK Connect: More than Just WiFi


Fully managed service

24/7/365 support and monitoring for end users by SPARK® TSL engineers. We’ll ensure issues are resolved quickly. 


Measure footfall

Monitor average footfall via the WiFi and identify possible sales opportunities that can lead to an increase in revenue.


Improve brand awareness

Raise awareness for your business with branded splash pages. Include promotional messaging and drive sales.

Digital Friendly WiFi Approved

Friendly WiFi

We design and install networks with the ‘Friendly WiFi’ certification, suitable for anyone to use and enjoy. 


Return on investment

Utilise targeted messaging to boost sales and encourage users to engage with vendors or stores. Integrate with your CRM to allow marketing activities to sign up users.


Analytics tool

Collate valuable data using the analytics tool and use this insight to make better-informed business decisions. 

Utilise venue WiFi to its full potential

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Don’t just take our word for it…

We pride ourselves on our customer’s success. Our case studies showcase how our solutions have helped them improve their customer experience and increase their revenue. 

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