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How Can Powerful Customer Engagement Analytics Encourage Brand Loyalty?

4 minute read | 20/03/2020

How Can Powerful Customer Engagement Analytics Encourage Brand Loyalty?

How much do you really know about your customers? 


This is more than just what they’re looking for on your shelves. It’s knowing why they choose you over your competition, why they sometimes take their business elsewhere and what you can do to exceed their expectations. 


For the answers to these questions, you need as much data as possible about the shoppers that pass through the doors. Gathering customer engagement analytics is a great place to start. 


Why You Should Be Gathering Customer Analytics 

Without this information, you’re working with one hand tied behind your back. No matter your size, scale or sector, you should be collating as much information about your customers as possible. The clearer the picture, the easier it is for retailers to give customers exactly what they want. 


Today’s brick-and-mortar stores have to contend with the behemoth that is online shopping. Ecommerce retailers have access to all kinds of analytics and user behaviour information that they can use to positively impact their business. 


With the right tools, they can see how many people have clicked on a particular product and the number of shoppers that abandoned their baskets before reaching checkout. All of this data can be analysed and used to influence site adjustments that boost sales. 


If the online retailers are doing this, why shouldn’t the physical ones be doing it too?


But, it’s important to collect the kind of customer information that’s going to provide the most insight.


Gathering Data to Improve Brand Loyalty

You could collate the email addresses of customers who make a purchase with you and add them to a mailing list with consent. This is a tried and tested technique that you’ve probably come across previously. 


It’s good to have that direct contact with customers but we’re looking for real-time data that’s going to shape stores for the better. So, we want to gather information that’s a little more physical - starting with dwell times. 


It’s amazing how much you can learn about customers when you know footfall and dwell times. Footfall is something that some retailers underestimate but it can show us so much about the buying habits of consumers. You can track this data with WiFi or sensor technology and understand: 


– How many people pass by without entering. 

– Busy and quiet areas at certain times of the day.  

– Sales conversion rates on different days/weeks/months or years. 


So, how do you collect this data? Head over to this blog for insight into data gathering and the role that a public WiFi network can play. 


Once you have this information, you can make genuine improvements to encourage consumers through the doors. Quick wins can seriously impact revenue. Place sale items in busy areas to increase sales and hold events on quieter days to balance the week’s takings. 


The more data you gather, the more you’ll understand the preferences of shoppers. Only once you know their behaviour, aims and expectations can you start to make changes that will convert occasional customers into loyal brand advocates. 


Encouraging Brand Loyalty

Customer retention is just as important as customer attraction. Getting someone into a store once is great but making sure they come back again and again is even better


With the engagement information you’ve gathered, it’s easier to cater more effectively to customers. If shoppers notice the changes that are being made and they like what they see, then they’re more likely to return in the future. 


Customers that become loyal brand advocates are like gold dust for retailers. Not only are they a regular source of income, but they also tell their friends and family about you via word of mouth or social media. Stores can reach demographics they wouldn’t normally be able to because of brand advocates. 


The high street is a difficult place for any business to survive but a core group of loyal brand advocates will certainly help. Gathering customer analytics is just one step that retailers can take to improve customer engagement and thrive. 


If you’re interested in harnessing customer data and using the analytics to drive better decision making, then make sure to download the free resource that’s available below. It features information on experiential retail, changing consumer trends and the technology that’s currently being used in stores to great success. 


Ready to Innovate Customer Experience?

The modern customer is fickle but well-informed. They know what they like and they aren’t going to waste time on something that doesn’t interest them. To grab their attention, you need to subvert expectations and make a real statement. 


Ready to get started? Download our free guide now using the link below to see how. 

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