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4 Problems When Deploying Free WiFi for Customers (and How to Avoid Them)

4 minute read | 30/05/2019

4 Problems When Deploying Free WiFi for Customers (and How to Avoid Them)

Providing free WiFi for customers is beneficial and becoming an expectation for the public. It can improve the visitor’s experience, boost sales and give you access to valuable analytics that can shape future business decisions. But what are the problems you’ll face when deploying it?

This post will solve any issues that might stand in the way of you successfully implementing free WiFi. Plus, what you can do to avoid them in the first place.

  1. Unsecured Network and Security Issues
  2. Inadequate Deployment  
  3. Capacity Concerns
  4. Not Choosing the Right WiFi Provider


1. Unsecured Network and Security Issues

Before you offer free WiFi to customers, make sure your WiFi provider can administer a reliable, secure service.


Security is undeniably a topic that should be raised during any initial meeting with a potential WiFi provider. Recent figures have shown that as many as 76% of businesses and organisations have been the targets of serious cyber attacks so you need to make sure you’re protected.


For the sake of your customers’ personal information and your own business data, your network’s security needs to be put first. Not only will it prevent customers’ information from being compromised, it also prevents any legal ramifications from something like a breach.


With so many connected devices, there are obvious security concerns that you might have that need addressing. Giving the general public access to the internet without restrictions or filtering could cause problems. Not only could it allow unwanted access to inappropriate content, but it also fails to safeguards users.


Without content filtering, users could be exposed to inappropriate material. There are certain schemes that are designed for family-friendly WiFi access, such as the 'Friendly WiFi Scheme'. An excellent provider will help ensure your free WiFi has this accreditation.


A reputable provider will have security accreditations and standards such as ISO attributed to their name so do not be afraid to question this when looking for a provider.


2. Inadequate Deployment  

You want your guest WiFi to be rolled out efficiently and quickly. The best practices for guest WiFi deployment might be obvious, but they are often overlooked.


Site surveys ensure each part of your venue has a strong coverage and a WiFi heat map can give you the visualisation to help. The right provider will optimise their WiFi as much as possible before roll out and will often complete the site mapping for you. This will save you time and expense when it comes to providing the best possible WiFi for customers.


Another area of consideration for deployment is project management. Ensure you have appointed people in your organisation to liaise with the WiFi provider and agree the project timeline in advance and schedule frequent updates. This will minimise any delays and ensure everyone is on the same page.


3. Capacity Concerns

When offering free WiFi for customers, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not your network can handle a large influx of devices being connected.


You’ll already know how important it is that the WiFi network is reliable at all times but it’s worth reiterating. The solution you have in place needs to be able to handle the demand, offering smooth WiFi to everyone in your venue and on every device they connect with.


When you’re searching for a provider for WiFi services, see how they plan to handle the challenge of setting up a network at a large venue. Not thinking about this could mean a WiFi solution that’s not suitable. There could be a risk that customers will suffer from inconsistent connections and drops in coverage.


Consider the internet connectivity bandwidth options as this will affect what level of service you can offer for your size of venue.


4. Not Choosing the Right WiFi Provider

Not choosing the right WiFi provider for the job can subsequently cause the other three problems mentioned in the blog to arise. Deficient deployment, unsecure networks and  capacity issues are just some of the issues that can stem from choosing an inexperienced provider.


You know the implications of going with a provider that’s not right for you. Now you can learn more about choosing the right provider for your free WiFi.


Find Out More About Offering Free WiFi

WiFi is crucial to enhancing the customer experience, so don’t run the risk of disappointing them with a poor connection. You want to strengthen customers’ confidence in your business, not weaken it.


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