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Transform Your Network with SPARK® Bridge ExtremeCloud™ IQ

3 minute read | 01/09/2022

Transform Your Network with SPARK® Bridge ExtremeCloud™ IQ

Extreme Networks is a global leading manufacturer of hardware and offers a range of digital technology solutions. From manufacturing wired & wireless networks and developing software for network management, to designing its own infrastructure.

ExtremeCloud was the perfect match for WiFi SPARK. With an all-round comprehensive solution, the integration helps to enhance the WiFi User Experience for guest access.

This will provide simpler and more competitive solutions for clients and partners that use Extreme, all whilst removing the need to install any additional hardware, such as a SPARK® Gateway.

Combining Extreme's wireless infrastructure with WiFi SPARK’s experience for guest management will provide a cost-effective solution for both small and enterprise deployments without sacrificing quality.

Upon getting started, WiFi SPARK will provide clients and partners with a simple guide to follow to begin the setup of ExtremeCloud IQ. WiFi SPARK will then take care of the rest.


Key Features of SPARK® Bridge ExtremeCloud™ IQ:

  • Fully Branded User Experience
  • SPARK® Analytics and Reporting
  • 24/7/365 End User Support and Help Desk
  • Managed Service
  • Friendly WiFi Content Filtering
  • Cost-saving as no additional hardware required



During the configuration process, SPARK® will design the User Experience to meet with your requirements including any specific branding, logos or imagery, and ensure that it is collecting data that is important to you and your organisation.

Mock ups (2)


Data can be observed and extracted from Analytics and provides detailed insights into how users behave. Giving further insight and enabling a well-defined view, Analytics provides information on location, date range selection, portal activity, marketing preferences, the device type, and length of dwell time.

Furthermore, WiFi SPARK has a data feed to facilitate pushing the data to external sources or to integrate with many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems or Loyalty Databases, further improving the Return on Investment (ROI) to the business from guest WiFi.


SPARK Bridge Analytics



SPARK®’s Content Management System (CMS) will provide you the control to update the banners on the User Experience portal with latest campaigns, specific messaging and promotions ensuring that you are providing up to date information at all times. A fundamental benefit to ensure that both you and your end users stay connected.



SPARK® Bridge Extreme Cloud has the ability to transform your network by simplifying infrastructure, improving network & application performance, and delivering high-quality WiFi access. There’s no need to look elsewhere. To find out more about SPARK® Bridge ExtremeCloud™ IQ and other custom User Experiences, visit our website.