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What Features Should the Right Hospitality WiFi Solution Provide?

6 minute read | 30/12/2020

What Features Should the Right Hospitality WiFi Solution Provide?

WiFi is an important consideration for guests looking for a restaurant to eat at or a hotel to stay in. In the UK alone, 82% of people travelling see high-speed free WiFi as a key reason to choose a particular hotel. WiFi isn’t a luxury, It’s an expectation for guests right across the hospitality sector. But having WiFi isn’t enough; you need the right hospitality WiFi solution for your venue.

Ask yourself the following questions - do the answers to the following questions suggest you need a new hospitality WiFi solution?


Does Your WiFi Let You Measure Footfall?

The best way to improve your hotel, restaurant or venue is by understanding what customers do and do not like. Know what customers are responding to and make future business decisions that improve the experience for everyone.


The best way to obtain these valuable insights is via a WiFi network that features an intelligent analytics tool. These kinds of tools can measure things like:


  • Footfall
  • Visitor behaviour and trends
  • User demographics

Using these, you’ll have a better understanding of who your customers are and what they like. 

It might be that your current provider has a contract with you that establishes them as the owner of this data. To access it, they might even ask for additional fees.


Here at WiFi SPARK, we place you as the owner of this information so you can use it to make positive changes.


Does Your WiFi Network Feature Your Branding?

You might wonder how WiFi can be branded. It’s actually relatively simple. A WiFi network can represent a brand by including:


  • A branded User Experience portal
  • Mirroring your brand identity
  • Promotional messaging and reinforcement


Having a branded User Experience portal is an easy way of raising awareness and ensures guests remember you in the future. Additionally, thoughtful, promotional messaging establishes a genuine connection with your customer.


That positive connection needs to be between you and the visitor, not the visitor and your guest WiFi solutions provider. Some networks don’t allow you to include your own branding, so guests might not even realise it’s your network they’re connecting to. 


If you can't use your brand’s logo or messaging on your existing network, then you’re missing out on crucial sales opportunities and positive interactions.


Can You Integrate Your Network With Loyalty Databases?

Loyalty databases allow your customers to log in to the WiFi with their existing loyalty credentials or sign up for your loyalty scheme through the WiFi. It’s another way to encourage new people to sign up to get all of the loyalty rewards you have to offer and is a great way to realise who your repeat visitors are and reward them.


You can use this information to engage with visitors who’ve had a positive experience in the past who might be interested in other offers you have available. 


WiFi networks that integrate with loyalty databases are beneficial because they allow you to collate valuable visitor data all in one place. Having one single database makes your life easier by improving efficiency for remarketing efforts.


Can You Send Relevant Targeted Messages?

All venues can take advantage of targeted messaging if the network they have allows for it. These messages are a simple, fast and easy way of boosting sales from nearby users. 


For example, imagine you own a coffee shop. Using analytics you could tell how many people pass by your shop as opposed to how many come in. You can determine the times of day you are potentially missing out on custom and may find that pre-9am is popular, as people are commuting at those times. 

You can use this information to attract them, perhaps redress your window displays to promote an offer for a voucher for a free cookie or cup of coffee. This is attractive and if people pass regularly, the chances of them accepting the offer are higher. Plus, when they venture inside, there’s the chance for an upsell - like a sandwich.


All of this is possible with the right hospitality WiFi solution, like the one offered by us here at WiFi SPARK. If it isn't something your existing provider offers for your network, then it’s time to think about an alternative. 


Does Your WiFi Engage With Guests and Users?

Wherever people go, be it a coffee shop, a retail mall or a hotel, they appreciate a high-speed WiFi connection. This helps save time and empowers guests and users. Now, retail businesses and hotels spend a significant amount on informative literature that regularly has to be updated.


WiFi offers a more accessible and more engaging experience that does away with the need for this kind of costly literature. But it also provides the ability for businesses to gather information from guests and users.


WiFi can be used to both engage and gather data in the following ways:

  • Welcome messages: These can include links to info and services and can be personalised based on return customers.
  • Micro surveys: Gain key insights on user experiences by sending out surveys. This data helps businesses to grow.
  • Location-based services: As guests or users move to different locations on-site, bespoke content and messages can be displayed directly on smartphones and tablets. This can inform users and guests of events, promotions or other offers.


Are Technical Issues Resolved Quickly?

No technology is perfect. There may be an occasional capacity issue or periods of downtime due to circumstances out of your control. However, what you can control is how quickly technical faults or queries are dealt with. 


Is your provider on hand to offer technical support 24/7? Persistent problems lead to unhappy guests. You don’t want a lack of WiFi to be the reason someone doesn’t return in the future. If applicable, consider the support contract you have with a provider. Are they committed to providing the assistance you need during any situation and at any time of the day?


If the answer is no or they don’t offer support at all, then it’s worth considering a provider that does


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