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Why is Conference WiFi So Tricky to Pull Off?

4 minute read | 30/04/2019

Why is Conference WiFi So Tricky to Pull Off?

Conference attendees expect to be able to connect to a free guest WiFi network when they first arrive - it’s probably the first thing they’ll do when they are waiting for the conference to begin. Providing a network for them to use is one thing, but making sure it’s reliable, fast and consistent throughout the whole venue is something completely different.


Insufficient connectivity and a lack of support from your WiFi provider are just some of the challenges you could face when providing a WiFi service. Issues like these can make exceptional conference WiFi hard to get right. To help, here are some of the reasons your conference WiFi network might be struggling and tips on fixing them.


Common Conference WiFi Issues

Not Having Good Enough Connectivity

Your conference WiFi has to be able to handle many different devices being connected at any given time. Remember, each attendee could connect a phone, laptop and a tablet to the WiFi. Just being online isn’t enough. You need to make sure each device is enjoying a strong and fast connection to enable them to utilise the network for all their sharing and streaming needs.


You want guests to be engaging with your brand through the WiFi, which will mean they will be using social media, streaming live videos and more. If you choose the wrong connectivity that doesn’t suit the conference venue, then you run the risk of a poor overall connection. Plus, if you’re using older solutions, then the existing connectivity in the venue is going to be slow and outdated by today’s standards.


Your guests expect a seamless service on offer, so the solution you opt for must be able to cope with all the high demand of devices wanting to connect. If not, attendees might leave at the end of the day talking about the WiFi, rather than the subject of the actual conference.


Make sure you consider user and device numbers, and their expected online activity as this will impact your connectivity requirements.


Lack of Coverage

If high-traffic areas aren’t equipped with the right hardware to cope with the increase in users and devices, then attendees could experience slower connection speeds and more overall disruption. This is obviously frustrating for everyone involved and can lead to visitors giving negative feedback.


Before mapping out WiFi for your conference, you need to consider how attendees typically behave when they’re there. Consider where people are likely to congregate, both inside and in outdoor spaces, to gain a better understanding of how people are moving around your event. With this information, your WiFi provider is able to make smarter decisions when it comes to designing the network and place access points to broadcast the WiFi signal to guests.


Lack of Support From Your WiFi Provider

If there is a disruption to the network during the conference, then you’re left with angry attendees and frustrated vendors. Visitors can’t access social media or emails, presenters can’t access the files they need to give their talks and vendors can’t take advantage of contactless payments. This is obviously a nightmare scenario, but could be caused by a number of factors, so you need to make sure you’re working with a provider who has procedures in place to mitigate any potential WiFi issues.


You need to choose a WiFi provider that’s going to offer fast support and outstanding customer service. Not just somebody on the end of the phone telling you to switch it off and back on again.


A good provider will offer valuable advice and expert guidance 24/7 to help you get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible. They will quickly discover what the cause of the problem is and remedy it immediately or advise on next steps.


Without the right provider support, you’ll find conference WiFi challenging - especially if something goes wrong. It could be a problem with the ISP, which your WIFi provider will work with on your behalf to get the best solution possible. That’s why it’s so important to have an open dialogue 24/7, just in case.


Find Out More About Improving Your Conference WiFi

These are just some of the challenges you can face when implementing and managing a conference WiFi network. Next, we can look at the steps you can take to avoid these potential issues and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Conferences can often be quite large events, with potentially thousands of people expected to come and go. So, you’re going to need a WiFi connection that’s up to the task. WiFi is crucial for enhancing the visitor experience, so don’t run the risk of disappointing them with poor coverage or a slow connection.


For tips on finding the perfect conference WiFi supplier, download our free eBook below. It covers just why it’s so important you work with the right partner and offers solutions for the future. Your WiFi is crucial to the success of your event, so don’t take the decision lightly.


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