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Why Public WiFi Management Software is Worth Investing in

4 minute read | 31/12/2020

Why Public WiFi Management Software is Worth Investing in

Public WiFi is essential as we head into the next decade. It’s already less of a bonus and more of an expectation when people head into the town centre, board a train or visit a restaurant. Retailers, community groups and local councils all see the benefits of a free public WiFi network.


The challenge is finding the right partner and management software to work with. 


Why Public WiFi is in Such High Demand

It’s no surprise that so many businesses and organisations are interested in implementing a public WiFi network. Perhaps most importantly, WiFi leads to an increase in sales. With high street retailers facing such colossal competition from their online counterparts, they’re pursuing anything that will tempt customers through the doors. 


Shoppers appreciate a free WiFi network because they can use discount codes to save money on their purchases and reserve items online if they’re not available in store. This means they’re less likely to spend time in stores that don’t offer a network to connect to. 


WiFi keeps those shoppers hanging around for longer and the more time they spend with a retailer, the better the chance they’ll make a purchase. Dwell times, sales figures and customer satisfaction all increase once the right WiFi is up and running. 


It’s important to note that just offering access to the internet isn’t enough. A slow, unreliable or limited internet connection is just as frustrating to users as having no network at all. 


Fast Speeds and a Reliable Connection

Public WiFi projects are usually complex undertakings because of diverse factors like existing infrastructure and client expectations. Because it can be such a complicated process, it’s vital that the provider you work with is up to the task. 


We’re the leading provider of public and retail WiFi, delivering innovative solutions that delight both clients and customers. This means we bring unique expertise and experience to any WiFi project you might be working on. 


Collaborate with us and let our specialists understand the specific requirements you need to meet. This way, we can outline the best course of action and recommend a solution that works for you. 


The first issue we deal with is connectivity. How do we make sure that every single user can enjoy a perfect connection even during peak periods? By surveying the area, we establish usage requirements and popular spots that see the most traffic. We’ll then incorporate this information into the solution’s design.


The SPARK® Solution can be specifically created to deal with any complications that are bespoke to your project. We understand the limitations of an off-the-shelf alternative and design the preferred connectivity, installation type and gateway to suit what’s needed.  


Innovative Features and Valuable Insights

Our platform is packed with state-of-the-art features that give our clients the tools they need to get the absolute most from their WiFi, like SPARK® Analytics. Included as part of a managed service, the analytics tool offers an unrivalled look into how users are behaving. 


Portal views, registration figures, devices, session data and location information are all recorded via the platform. This information gives retailers fantastic insight into what is and isn’t performing well with visitors.


Analytics is incredibly useful for businesses and local authorities, whereas the Engagement Platform is perfect for the users themselves. Depending on the design of the solution, features can include wayfinding, special offers, one-step authentication and welcome videos - all via a branded splash page. 


All of this results in a happy user who’s more likely to have a positive experience that they’ll want to share with others. Read here about Railway Innovation of 2020.


A Provider You Can Trust

The SPARK® Platform allows you to design the perfect customer experience and optimise their specific journey. Connection speeds are fast, even during peak periods, and technicians are on hand to offer any support should they spot an issue. 


The last thing you need is a WiFi network that’s having problems and no one available to fix it. We’ve successfully deployed our platform across a range of sectors, designing, implementing and monitoring the network to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Visitors enjoy fast and reliable internet and clients benefit from increased dwell times and unique insights. 


For an idea of the public WiFi projects we’ve delivered in the past, take a look at some of our previous case studies. The Falmouth Town case study is a perfect example of the work we do. We designed an easy-to-use platform that was robust enough to support the tens of thousands of visitors who arrive each year. 


Download the case study for the full details, the network we delivered resulted in an increase in dwell time, enhanced customer relationships for businesses and tens of thousands of sign-ups to the portal. 


Receive a Free WiFi SPARK Demo

For a closer look at the SPARK® Platform and the features that are included request a demo with our specialists and see how WiFi can work for your business to help you enhance your business strategy.