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WiFi in Retail Stores: Are You Maximising Its Potential?

5 minute read | 03/12/2018

WiFi in Retail Stores: Are You Maximising Its Potential?

Retail stores that offer WiFi are popular with shoppers and are an easy way of standing out from the competition. But just because there’s WiFi in a retail store, it doesn’t mean its owners are maximising its potential. From analytics to advertising space, there’s a wide range of opportunities for knowledge to be collated and revenue to be increased. Here’s how to get the most from WiFi in retail stores.


How to Maximise the WiFi’s Potential


Data and Analytics

By 2022, it’s estimated that 90 percent of all shoppers will have a WiFi-enabled device with them as they shop. With so many connected to the store WiFi, there’s an amazing opportunity to understand customer behaviour and make real-time changes to the store.

The WiFi tracks the behaviour of each customer who connects to the WiFi, measuring everything from their foot traffic to the sites they visit. Depending on the WiFi provider, stores either have access to this valuable data or need to buy it back.

With this data, stores can understand when peak hours are, where customers go when they’re inside and how they respond to targeted advertising. For example, when customers connect to the store WiFi,  they can be presented with special offers or vouchers, which retailers can monitor to determine which deals lead to increased sales.

From the data and insights collected via WiFi, companies can choose physical advertising spaces that will be the most successful dependant on the areas that get the most physical traffic. For example, by geolocation. 


If the analytics shows that there were 250,000 passersby, yet only 100,000 store visitors, the store could advertise or create offers to attract those passersby and increase their income.


Or, if the collated data shows more new customers than returning users, then the store needs to think of ways of delighting existing customers and enticing them into a loyalty scheme, which can be integrated with the WiFi.


Advertising Space

Many retail stores and shopping centres offer free WiFi to visitors. This digital space is the perfect place to increase revenue and engage with customers. Stores can sell advertising space to vendors or retailers using the User Experience Portal and display traditional online adverts or videos.

These videos can also be used as an incentive. ‘Watch this 30-second advert and gain access to free unlimited WiFi.’ Customers will be more than happy to sit through a quick video if it means they can access free internet, or even if the end of the video reveals an offer code or voucher.

60 percent of retail shoppers want to receive real-time special offers and promotions while they shop. They’re happy to receive targeted marketing if they think it will lead to them saving money on something they want.  

The more advertising space that’s sold, the more revenue that stores can make. Not only does WiFi advertising offer another source of revenue but it also means that the WiFi you’ve installed is paying for itself and more.


Happier Shoppers

The busier the store, the harder it is for retailers to create customised experiences for each customer. Even the largest companies want each individual consumer to feel valued. They want them to actually pass through their doors, as well as online.

With WiFi in retail stores, companies can offer a fully branded customer experience. Before they even decide to visit, actually having WiFi in place can be the difference between them walking by or entering. 62 percent of businesses saw customers spend more time in their stores when they offered WiFi.

Someone’s first interaction with a store might be as they log in to the WiFi. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with the customer and show that their business is valued.

Special offers, vouchers and competitions are just some of the ways that companies can engage with customers via a User Experience page or portal. Some providers don’t offer this branded experience. Instead, customers see the provider’s branding and information, rather than the store’s.

Choose a provider, like WiFi SPARK, that designs brand-specific User Experiences. This way, stores offer a fully-branded experience for each customer which helps to increase engagement and loyalty.


Loyalty Scheme Integration

Loyalty schemes are an effective way of strengthening brand loyalty and ensuring customers return to your store. Whether you have an existing rewards program or you’re thinking of implementing one, they can be integrated within the WiFi.


This allows users to authenticate when logging in using the same credentials, creating a unified experience for customers. Offers can then be tailored to suit returning customers based on the information you’ve gathered through the WiFi, allowing you to boost sales and delight customers at the same time.


See How WiFi SPARK Can Help

WiFi SPARK helps stores to drive shopper loyalty and maximise their WiFi’s potential. Through targeted messaging, detailed customer analytics and loyalty databases, retailers have all the tools they need to boost ROI and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Retailers will be more connected than ever to their consumers, using data to understand customer behaviour and making improvements to their experience. Don’t settle for just WiFi from your current provider. It can be so much more.

Secure and fully managed, the SPARK® Platform allows stores to stand out from the competition and lead the way in their industry. For a closer look at WiFi SPARK’s retail WiFi and how it can be applied, take a look at our case studies.