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From Browsing to Purchasing: A Shopper’s Journey

3 minute read | 04/08/2019

From Browsing to Purchasing: A Shopper’s Journey

Currently, it’s predicted that more than 2.14 billion people will take to shopping online by 2021. This is up from 1.92 billion online shoppers in 2019. When these facts are coupled with the news that physically shopping in brick and mortar stores is declining, it seems that businesses need to start bridging the gap between their stores (or venues) and their websites.


Offering free WiFi is an ideal place to start.


Over the years, the way people shop has changed, thanks to the evolving expectations surrounding public WiFi. Before the internet became popular, people walked into stores with little knowledge of the products on display. They relied on salespeople to help them make a purchase.


Now, shoppers are incredibly well informed (especially the younger generations). Their purchase decisions are influenced by social media, Google reviews, personalised email promotions, price comparison blogs and more. All of these influences are easily and instantly accessed via a smartphone. 


It’s not just the need to stay connected either. 65% of consumers consider personalised offers and promotions to be a priority while shopping. This suggests that customers expect their in-store shopping experience (from the moment they step into the retail space as a new or returning customer to the moment they leave) to be tailored to them. 


So what does this mean for retailers? They need to be more attuned to the journeys their shoppers take, from browsing to purchasing. WiFi can help them do this.


Our infographic walks through this journey and details how WiFi can both enhance the customer experience and the value retailers receive at each stage.


Artboard 1@2x


From being welcomed to your brand experience through the splash page to being remembered by the service when they return, there are so many ways a free WiFi service can enhance your shopper’s journey. The benefits are maximised if you choose the right WiFi provider.


How the Right WiFi Provider Can Benefit You


The increasing applications of technology have affected all aspects of the retail industry, with 62% of businesses finding that customers spent longer in their establishment once they connected to the WiFi. So, it’s important to consider the quality of the WiFi you offer.


You can discover much more about fast, secure and free WiFi through our Customer Engagement Guide. From how to connect with your customers from your first touchpoint with them to the best ways to keep them engaged, we include the tools and tips which will be most useful to you when it comes to using WiFi to create the perfect shopper’s journey for your customers.