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How to Choose the Right Event WiFi Service for Your Venue

3 minute read | 31/05/2019

How to Choose the Right Event WiFi Service for Your Venue

Choose the wrong WiFi provider for a venue and you run the risk of implementing a network that’s not secure or one that doesn’t meet the needs of expectant visitors.

Working with a reliable provider can see them provide everything in time for your event. This means your projects won’t overrun and clients won’t be left frustrated. Avoid all of these possible risks by working with a provider that offers expert event WiFi services. Here’s how to find one.


Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a WiFi Provider

All Visitors Should Receive the Same Reliable Coverage

You’ll already know how important it is that the WiFi network is reliable at all times. No matter how many visitors attend the event and regardless of the number of devices connected at any one time, the network should still be able to cope.

When you’re searching for a provider who can offer event WiFi services, see how they plan to approach the challenge of setting up a network at a large venue. They should think about which areas of the venue will be the most populated and make sure that every meeting room, corridor and conference hall has great coverage.

The right provider won’t forget the outdoor areas that visitors will be using too. Exterior access points and any accompanying hardware that’s needed are usually at risk of extreme weather conditions. Equipment should be robust enough that coverage isn’t negatively impacted during any kind of heavy rain, for example.


Data is Valuable for Improving Future Events

If you haven’t already, you need to consider the importance of analytics and make sure that any prospective WiFi service provider is equipped to collect visitor data. This information is incredibly valuable, giving the venue insight into the behaviour of event attendees.

This insight can include knowing where high-volume areas are so that staff can be effectively assigned to ease potential bottlenecks. It can also help to boost sales of any items the event is selling, like programmes, magazine subscriptions or even simply drinks and snacks.

Some providers will collate this data for the venue but then try and sell it back to them. Choose one that gives ownership of the data to the venue, allowing them to improve visitor experience without increasing costs.


Branded Splash Pages Will Strengthen Brand Identity

As users sign in to the WiFi network for the first time, they can either be greeted with a provider-branded page or a venue-branded page. The second will help to raise the venue’s profile and leave an impression on each visitor, whereas the first does nothing to improve your brand’s identity.

Partner with a trusted provider that’s willing to create a splash page that uses your branding. Not only will the venue be at the forefront of the visitor’s mind, but you can also take this opportunity to include targeted messaging or vary the design depending on the event.

This messaging can be anything from important visitor information to useful links to your social media profiles or website. There are also marketing opportunities to take advantage of. Add an advert or special offer to the splash page to boost sales. These are only possible if your event WiFi service provider designs this page under your instruction and guidelines.


A Network That’s Secure and Appropriate for Everyone

With so many connected devices, there are obvious security concerns that you might have. If a provider makes a mistake or leaves the network open to easy access, then your venue’s sensitive information or visitor data could fall into the wrong hands.

How does a provider intend to keep the guest and main networks separate? How robust are the security measures? Is there a restriction on what users can and can’t access? They should have a content filtering process in place to ensure all users can browse without accessing explicit material. In the same vein, ensure your provider is recognised by the likes of ISO27001 as it is your data they are working with.

Having a WiFi network isn’t enough. You need to make sure that the provider you choose implements a network that’s robust, effective and able to cope with even the busiest of events. It should also allow the venue to collate analytics and allow them to raise their profile with custom splash pages.


Finally, if anything does go wrong, they should be on hand to offer fast and effective support.

Finding a provider that can manage this isn’t easy, but we’re here to help.


How The SPARK® Platform Can Support Your Venue

In addition to uninterrupted access to the internet and coverage throughout the whole venue, the SPARK® Platform offers targeted messaging, visitor analytics and content filtering. See how it can enhance your venue WiFi by downloading our guide now. It offers more tips on improving your WiFi network and shows how the SPARK® Platform can help.

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