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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Business Benefits of Offering Free WiFi to Customers

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The amount of internet users has risen by 367 million in the last year alone. This coupled with the fact that 70% of customers believe free WiFi should be available to them highlights how offering such a service has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. 


Providing your customers with free, filtered WiFi keeps them in touch with the outside world. It also gives them the freedom to carry out whichever internet-reliant activities they wish while at your establishment, with the reassurance that their data is safe and secure. 


But it isn’t just customers who are able to benefit from using free WiFi. To clearly demonstrate how businesses can benefit, we’ve created an illustrated infographic which highlights the five biggest advantages of offering free WiFi to your customers.


WiFi SPARK Infographic


But there are even more advantages. The benefits to businesses when they offer free WiFi - regardless of which industry they’re in, whether it be WiFi for retail, transport, or otherwise, include:


  • Increased customer dwell time - this is due to WiFi keeping customers connected and satisfied. You then have more time to entice your customers to stay and make purchases or increase the chances of them returning.
  • Better insight into customer behaviours and preferences - thanks to valuable insights, your business will be able to see where people tend to gather in your retail space/venue, popular entrances and exits, peak times and so on. You can use this data to improve your offerings and further boost customer satisfaction (and loyalty).
  • Targeted promotions - valuable data can help you better understand your customers and you can use this knowledge to advertise more relevant promotions to them. This can entice further purchases.


Our infographic depicts the journey your customers can be taken on through offering a service such as complimentary WiFi. As you can see, WiFi can encourage visitors to become customers and customers to become loyal customers. This highlights the importance of the role it plays in enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. 


These points, however, are just five of the many ways your company could benefit from offering a free WiFi service to your customers. We’ve created a guide where you can find out more...


Discover How Offering Free WiFi Could Benefit Your Company


We’ve created a guide full of information to demonstrate how an integrated WiFi platform could help to better engage with your customers and transform the way your company operates. You’ll discover the steps you need to take to successfully engage existing customers and attract new ones through your WiFi service. 


Download your copy of the guide to discover the full range of advantages available.